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Tirolessa Hopper-Sprayer  Wrapping Jig
Tirolessa Hopper-Sprayer

Tirolessa Hopper-Sprayer
Papercrete-Lime-Cement-Clay plaster application is simplified.

The Tirolessa metal hopper sprayer unit is designed to attach to a 5Hp or above air compressor*.

The unit weighs ~ 5 pounds and is comfortable to hold for most people. An assistant can fill the hopper while you spray, or the hopper can be dipped into a wheelbarrow or plaster drum to add material.

The hopper holds about a gallon of mix. The tool length is 36", and the hopper is approximately 9"W x 9.5"L x 7" D. The hopper is rinse-dipped in water periodically to keep holes clear (especially when using ferror cement and cement based mixes), and is sprayed with a heavy duty lubricant before use (LPS 3 product recommended, or WD 40.) A spiral cleaning tool is included.